Kawasaki KX250F MY 2012

The layout is based on the model KX250F for the drivers involved in competitive activities, an excellent starting point to win in the upper classes of motocross.

The design of high-strength aluminum frame, suspension components and settings of development designed to ensure control at high speeds – especially in a straight line – to allow experienced riders to give their best and to win dell’holeshot – key factor that determines the difference between excel, win or stay in the middle group – the geometry of the frame and wide power band of the 4-stroke engine have been designed to maximize rear wheel traction.

The single-cylinder 4-stroke liquid-cooled 249 cm3 was designed for riders from the race, and the wide range of usage a preference for performance at high speed, not forgetting the over-rev.

Well known for high productivity and the supply of power (due to development and to share style racing department, as the piston high performance with bottom-bridged box), the KX250F 2012 model exceeds the performance of the engine thanks to MX first double-injected motocross in the world.

Double injection Kawasaki 2012: the first lower injector under the throttle (the standard location of the injectors) and the second top near the air chamber. The KX250F double injection is different from the one on the “supersport” class models, where the top injector does not work all the time, supplying additional fuel only when necessary. The KX250F fuel system assigns the roles of two injectors in a slightly different way.

The lower injector is responsible for ensuring a uniform, constant response, and the upper one for increasing power. As the speed increases and the damper opens, the system switches from the lower injector to the upper one.

Pendulum KX250F from molded front section, conical hydroformed struts and stamped chain tensioners. Motorcycle suspension provides improved cushioning. The rear shock absorber has the ability to separately adjust the compression damping for high and low speeds, and has a Kashima coating on the working cylinder, thereby reducing friction softens the suspension.

For the first time in serial models for motocross, the Showa front fork with “split functions” (SFF) is used, which separates compression and rebound damping functions. In its left side there is a shock-absorbing element, and in the right – a spring.

The modified design of the silencer ensures compliance with the permissible noise level – a maximum of 115 dB at a distance of 2 meters.

News and improvements

  • New Dual Injector injection system Digital Fuel Injection
  • Increased power at high revs expands the working range
  • Transmission changes to improve shifting and reliability
  • Engine components made stronger
  • The modified Showa Separate Function Fork (SFF) plug has become softer at the beginning of the turn and works better on cornering
  • Increased spring and spring stiffness improves traction and makes it more dense.

High speed, powerful engine

  • 249 cm3, liquid cooling, 4-stroke, 4-valve, single-cylinder DOHC engine delivers high power throughout the rev range
  • Improved decompressor spring for easier starting
  • But the new nickel coating of the cylinder walls has improved oil retention properties to increase reliability
  • The new connecting rod has a thicker middle for increased reliability.
  • New tighter crankshaft balanced in new ways to improve performance and increase reliability
  • New design of the crankshaft has the characteristics of factory riders to reduce vibrations, more smoothly gain power and improve traction at medium and high speeds

Digital fuel injection system (DFI)

  • The upgraded system has an additional injector located closer to the air filter
  • Completely new second injector has a different diameter of the diffuser, but the same volume as the main injector
  • Additional seal between the air intake window and the flap position sensor protects the sensor from fuel ingress
  • A progressive throttle lever opens the damper more quickly after 3/8 of a turn.
  • Simple and efficient system: without battery, fuses and relays
  • Accurate and sharp gas reaction throughout the rev range.
  • Provides easy engine start
  • Helps avoid engine interruptions after landing on jumps and in other situations
  • The optional calibration kit has a new connector and makes setup easier
  • Additional indicator shows diagnostic information

Bridged-box bottom piston design

  • Lightweight and durable piston has the same design as the factory riders, with a new sprayed coating to match the new cylinder cover
  • Modified shape improves lubrication and wear resistance
  • Short finger has less weight
  • Light and very rigid inlet titanium with a diameter of 31 mm and outlet diameter of 25 mm reduce the weight of moving parts and ensure reliability at high speeds
  • Ultra-light valves have a very thin stem, similar to the Supersport machine, the head of the intake valves is thicker for reliability
  • Inlet channels are designed for maximum power at all revolutions, especially at the top
  • Special casting method provides very smooth channel surface
  • The head gasket has a silicone coating and ensures good insulation

Stainless steel exhaust system

  • The design from a stainless steel has the greatest reliability
  • The silencer has a large volume and provides a noise level within 94dB, while maintaining power
  • The joint between the pipe and the silencer is well insulated, and the rubber silent block mounting the silencer gives additional reliability

Efficient cooling system

  • Thick and wide radiators are very durable and do a good job with stuffing dirt, providing the necessary cooling.
  • Water channels of the head are directed forward for even cooling.

Transmission and shift mechanism

  • Shorter forks and modified forks improve mechanism performance
  • More durable crankcase has amplification in the engine attachment points S
  • Clutch cable holder integrated in the crankcase
  • The grid which is taking away oil from a case is available without dismantling of the engine

Easy turning chassis

  • Low stiffness steering column used for easier steering
  • Lightweight and comfortable frame KX250F made of forged, stamped and cast parts
  • The center of gravity and the key points of the geometry, such as the axis of the pendulum, the drive sprocket, the rear axle are designed to direct more thrust forward and reduce the sagging of the rear
  • Upper motor mounts on the head cover increase overall rigidity

Racing suspension

  • In the suspension applied stiffer springs and modified valve settings front and rear
  • The split function plug (SFF) has spring and hydraulic damping valves separated in different feathers to reduce weight, improve performance, reduce friction and ease of adjustment
  • Only this plug has the ability to adjust the spring preload
  • Super hard titanium coating on the innermost surface of the inner tubes reduces friction and improves suspension performance, helping to prevent scratches and damage
  • Kashima friction-reducing coating on the inside of the outer tubes for smoother operation
  • Fork protection covers feathers on all sides, providing better protection
  • The modified shock absorber rod makes the settings more flexible and gives an additional improvement to the wheel grip
  • Kashima coating on the inside of the shock absorber reduces friction and softens suspension performance
  • The pendulum has optimum stiffness characteristics for better cornering
  • The leverage system has a modified link arm, which has a lower stiffness for softer performance and improved grip

Rider position

  • Details of the plastic body kit made for a comfortable fit racer
  •  The right side has additional holes for cooling the muffler
  • he frame is made wider at the foot of the footboard and tapers towards the seat for a more comfortable rider position.
  • Thin seat made of modified polyurethane for greater durability
  • The seat has an anti-slip profile on the top and on the side surfaces
  • Wide 50mm steps perfectly hold and feel the bike
  • The clutch has a large comfortable screw for adjustment

Factory Style Components

  • Black wheels, like factory riders
  • Titanium coating forks
  • Thick and stiff front fender
  • Brake pad material provides powerful deceleration.
  • Front and rear perforated undulating discs are lighter and help clean the pads
  • Hubs without ribs and spokes reduce unsprung masses
  • Renthal aluminum steering wheel comes standard
  • Blue plugs on the ignition cap and oil filter like factory riders
  • Stickers in the style of Kawasaki factory teams complement the KX250F
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