Harley Davidson Nightster 2012

The 2012 home Milwaukee means renewal, with the models Nighster magazine in almost all aspects, from the engine to the aesthetics, chassis and electronics.

Even lower, even more bad, the new 2012 version has been designed to turn heads all passers-by with a Harley Drag whole, starting with the small details, like the plaque mounted on the side, wings and smaller rear lights and low, now at 13 cm from the ground. Slightly enlarged the handlebars and fully colored in black, for a look meaner.

New Evolution engine by 1200 cc, air cooled, with fuel consumption of 5 litres per 100 km, thanks to new aluminum cylinder heads, which allow a lighter weight to a greater cooling system. Injection, as in standard, electronic, precise and reliable. Also changed the coloring of the engine, which now has a black finish with opaque effect blackpowder, while only the cylinders remain uncovered and shiny.

All digital instrumentation at the center of the handlebar, with engine check up watches and everything else.

The classic Harley tank is finished by hand-coloured, rectangular and angular, but can be also supplied all black, to be even more aggressive to match with the colour of the engine. The painting is 5 inches deep, with several layers, each with metallic particles of different sizes for a Pearly effect. Saddle lowered again, now at 65 cm from the ground. A motorcycle rebel style for people who wants to get noticed.

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