Harley Davidson 883

The series of 883 Harley Davidson does not need much introduction, primarily for the fact that they are models of famous American company, and secondly because it is in fact one of the most desired ranges for custom bike lovers who do not normally if they release easily so it is not easy to find a used model of this type.

In general, the purchase of a new Harley Davidson is a good deal, since it devalues ​​used on average less than that of other brands of course is a good idea to contact an official dealer of American home and might be able to prove 883 (or other models) then you would buy (that is perhaps worthwhile to wait for the periods in which the manufacturer of Milwaukee launched initiatives such as the Open Days at its dealers).

Regarding the use must be emphasized first that normally those who sell a motorcycle as the 883 is little interest in the exchange with other bikes and a lot more cash to reinvest the money, most likely on a new 883 or in any case almost certainly on another Harley.

The second aspect concerns the accessories almost always present (sometimes in large numbers) on a custom bike: the vendor’s interest to emphasize the presence of such an option, while the buyer is much more important to have assurances on the engine and in general on the mechanics of two-wheelers, though of course the accessories are to affect the end price. Again, however, may want to try the bike, especially if you are experienced bikers, a category which, with a nice test, they usually notice immediately if there are any obvious problems.

A general advice is to take into account the capacity of the reservoir, which in recent models is somewhat larger, which is very useful when you want to travel long distances, even if the bike is not very convenient when the number of miles becomes very high (especially for passengers).

Finally, the defects, which are classic for a custom or high weight, poor performance, excessive vibration and steering precision at high speeds not really sports, all of which lovers of the segment continue to defend at all costs because, as every rider knows worthy of respect, his bike is always the best.

By mistake, you can define Harley-Davidson Iron 883 as another motorcycle from the Sportster lineup for beginners, but in fact the Iron 883 is a very funny bike. Of course, Harley-Davidson Iron 883 has something youthful and aggressive. The 2012 model is no different from its predecessor, not counting the new tires Michelin Scorcher 31 and some cosmetic updates.

The Sportster family is the second oldest in the Harley-Davidson model range. And if the most affordable models of the Street series have the typical features of classic road bikes, the “Sportster” is already a recognizable face of the good old Harley. Even the youngest motorcycles in the series, with a motor of 883 cm ³, have a classic appearance, while they are relatively inexpensive (about half the size of Softail models).

Due to the moderate price tag, combined with a recognizable design and decent features, Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 bikes are popular. After all, they look modestly only against the background of flagship heavy motorcycles, and horses seem insufficient only in comparison with sport bikes.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Specifications

The Sportster series features two models of motorcycles, the SurerLow and Iron. The first one has a classic appearance with an abundance of shiny chrome-plated elements and has a very low fit: only 70 cm. It is for this feature that the bike got its name.

Key Features:

  • Engine: Pushrod V-twin
  • Transmission: 5 speeds
  • Wheelbase: 1520 mm
  • Seat height: 683 mm
  • Dry weight: 256 kg

In appearance, Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron is chrome, small, but there is a lot of brutal black there. In this color trimmed elements of the frame, exhaust, body kits, wheels. Only wells of pushers of valves and a head of cylinders shine. Due to the fact that he looks like a blued (Bike looks stern and a bit gothic).

If Harley-Davidson Sportser SuperLow is a classic of the genre, then Iron looks more sporty. He has a saddle 5 cm taller (75 cm), and the steering wheel has a smaller bend, like that of the dragsters, and the wings are not so massive. But both bikes, despite the difference in design, have a common heart – the 883-cc Evolution engine.

The Harley-Davidson Evolution motor was created in the 80s, and it was he (along with heavy Softail bikes) who helped the company achieve rapid development at the end of the 20th century. To this day, the engine has come without significant changes. This is a classic V-Twin with a collapse of cylinders of 45 degrees, it differs from older models in a reduced volume of up to 883 cm³. There is also a model of this engine for 1200 cubes, but we will recall it a bit later.

Four-stroke engine, air cooling. Given the volume and power characteristics of the power plant, it is rather a plus than a minus. Valves 2 per head (intake and exhaust), the new system with 4 valves to Harley-Davidson Sportser has not yet reached. The intake system – injection, working on technology ESPFI.

This is perhaps the main improvement of the modern versions of the engine against the background of early generations with carburetor power. The Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 engine is capable of delivering torque up to 73 Nm. Power declared at 52 hp Transmission manual, 5-speed. The drive to the gearbox is chained, and power is transmitted to the wheel using a kevlar belt with gear teeth.

Features Harley-Davidson Sportser 883

Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 is the same “Harley”, as well as their older counterparts, despite the smaller volume of the engine. You should not look at them in comparison with motorcycles of other types, in particular, sports. After all, this is a completely different world. Motor Evolution goes back to the 80s, but this does not mean that it is ancient.

This classic rumbling engine is originally from Milwaukee, optimal for heavy bikes. Do not blame the ICE Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 in a small liter capacity. Yes, at a time when many bikes give more than a hundred horses per liter, an indicator of 58-59 hp / liter may seem modest. But Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 do not buy to fly it. And even if you go on long trips, the engine calmly takes care of hundreds of thousands of miles.

Highly engine, even single-cylinder, such a resource can only dream, if you exploit them to the fullest. As for the engine with 150 hp / liter – an exception (achievable when driving in the style of “grandpa grandmother rolled”), for proven over the years Evolution 883 is the norm. Power output motor Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 is far from the maximum on the market, but the traction characteristics are at a decent level. 73 Nm is a figure similar to sportbikes with almost twice the number of horses.

With overclocking, the Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 has no problems. It takes a hundred in about 5 seconds, and in a straight line it accelerates to about 190 km / h. Of course, 5 is not 3 (your Cap), but such an indicator is quite impressive. “Shoot” at the traffic lights is real, sportbikes, sports cars and some electric cars will be able to get ahead of the bike.

Yes, and it does the motor, spinning up to 6000 rev / min, and not exorbitant 10-15 thousand. Fans tuning highlight the ease of increasing the volume of the motor. In the US, even kit sets are sold for this. Having squandered or replaced a CPG, with a head and a belt, as well as having reflashed the “brain”, one can get from Evolution 883 a motor for 1200 cubic meters, capable of producing up to 80 hp power and up to 90 Nm of torque. Tuning requires about $ 1,500 money and a day of time in the garage.

Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 Reviews

The owners of Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 for the most part emphasize that these are real “Harleys”, with a brand and recognizable appearance, V2 roaring engines, low seating, good handling and sufficient power. Many people point out that despite the prejudices, the bike does not eat oil, does not flow, and consumes not much more than 5 liters of passport per hundred gasoline. In a snatch from a traffic light, a good moment allows you to gain speed very quickly.

Reviews say that up to 60-70 bike accelerates even faster than some bikes on 100 hp. Low (compared to other H-D) price is also mentioned among the advantages of the motorcycle. But cons of the bike too.

Reviews of the owners of Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 indicate that the bike is heavy. 2.5 quintals of weight – a bit much, especially for those who moved easier with equipment. Even the soviet “Ural” or “Dnepr” weighs about fifty kilos less, not to mention motorcycles with 250-500 cubic meters of volume.

The low center of gravity partially compensates for the mass, the bike is stable in motion, but at first it is embarrassing. Among the other disadvantages of the riders are the tendency to vibrations at high speeds, insufficient softness of the suspension, not the best aerodynamics. Therefore, driving at high speeds (over 100 km / h) can be uncomfortable: the bike is shaking, on the slightest bumps noticeably shakes, and even the oncoming air flow blows off.

Harley-Davidson Sportser 883 buyers agree in their opinion that the bike is good for those who want to start exploring heavy bikes. Despite the severity, there are no problems with its development (if you are not 160 cm / 50 kg), with a measured ride the motorcycle is not too “crazy” and is normally controlled. “Bumming” under 150 km / h on a motorcycle is hampered by its shortcomings, only masters or born suicides will do it Therefore, the most often mentioned disadvantages are critical only in extreme cases and do not interfere with beginners.

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