BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Comfort, ease of handling and engine exploited in all its strength and agility. If you add up the sales of the regular version and the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, great GS is the bike for years and bought most loved by Italians.

Moreover it is almost impossible to find a flaw: despite its size and weight (223 kilograms), the GS is one of the most balanced and immediate movement to drive. For 2010 has been updated mechanically: the flat-twin engine is always that made it famous, the transmission is always at the universal joint but there are some very interesting news.

Do not be intimidated by the forms a little ‘too. The GS is driving well. Very good. From zero in reality the amount of GS could also worry more experienced riders, but the 200 kg of normal version and the more than 220 kg of Adventure that are perfectly distributed and supported by a high level of cycling, so that once movement seem halved.

A 2010 version of the GS does not lose these qualities, but gains an engine much more brilliant. They are first introduced and tested with double shaft radial cams with four valves (to be clear: those already used on the HP2).

This solution, combined with an increase in the diameter of the valves and new aluminum pistons, allowed to gain some horse power. That goes up to 110 hp. But also dramatically improves the thrust at low revs (a problem he suffered a bit ‘old model), with the introduction of the valve on the exhaust.

For those who want a bike really “total”, so to say, there is a long list of optional extras such as ESA (electronic control buoyancy), ascites (control) in addition to the obviously useful accessories such as bags, bumpers, cuffs, and more. With only polielissoidali spotlights, but – as we know – you certainly can not have everything in life. Not immediately, anyway.

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