Harley Davidson XR 1200 Service Manual

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Upload Date:03/20/2019
Harley davidson XR 1200 manual

The XR1200 is as close to a true sportsbike Harley-Davidson is ever going to make (except for the ill-fated VR1000 Superbike). It’s air-cooled with a modified 1203cc Evolution V45 from the Sportster range.

To make it more powerful than the rest, the XR1200 features a larger air-box, downdraft fuel injection and a performance-biased exhaust system. The result is a claimed 90 horsepower at 7.000 rpm and 73.8 ft-lbs of torque maxing at a low 3.700 rpm.

Free 2012 Harley Davidson XR 1200 X Service Manual. 2012

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