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The Aprilia RSV4 Factory SE APRC has led the category superbike-road standards. The electronics take back almost faithful from the bike racing gave way to a new category of hyper superbike lap time of the service. APRC is an acronym for Power Aprilia Ride Control, and identifies the SE Special Edition, which is the limited edition of this jewel of mechanical and electronic engineering.

The project, however, could be applied to the cheapest model in the range Aprilia V4, which would be to commercialize the RSV4 R APRC. Forget about the Ohlins and refinement of the carbon abundance, but accept with enthusiasm the opportunity to have a slightly higher price of the RSV4 R standard, an electronic control total.

Aprilia Traction Control, Launch Control Aprilia, Aprilia Wheelie Control and Quick Shift Aprilia, more precisely, the traction control (of 8 positions), the assisted departure (3 levels), control of the surge (3 positions), and the electronic gear that allows more rapid placement of relations and the possibility of change without using the clutch and closing gas.

Obviously the new management is complemented by the new electronics with an advanced exhaust valve, the horns of variable length intake and new forged aluminum wheels, all parts already seen nelal APRC Factory SE version. The novelty seems to have been revealed by some direct mail to dealers official Aprilia USA, and now reported from Hellforleather. There is also talk of an increased price of only $ 1,000 compared to the RSV4 R. An increase to three zeros will find it very probably also in the European version.

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