Aprilia RSV4 R APRC 2011 Service Manual

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This is the cheapest model of four-cylinder Aprilia, but seasoned with the electronics of the most expensive model and evolved. The RSV4 R APRC thus takes the form of motorcycles on the market even more technology in mass production, nothing short runs, but the possibility of having an electronic control racing for all those who want to buy a new generation of sports fans.

He lost the Ohlins suspension and special high-quality materials, all that remains is the essence, and forged wheels with 200/55 R17 rear tire that came on the APRC Factory SE. The unloading is the latest generation, 2kg less on the scale and better management of flows through a new exhaust valve. The croissants intake throttle bodies are now variable length to ensure better efficiency of April Performance Ride Control.

In the U.S. market will cost about $ 1,000 more ($ 16,999) of the RSV4 R, we have no references on the Italian but the price increase should be more or less equally to take home a bike with Aprilia Series Traction Control, Launch Control Aprilia Aprilia Wheelie Control, Quick Shift and Aprilia. These are the only two pictures that we can not find the model, and as we can see, will be available in white and black.

He arrives on the market, the new Aprilia RSV4 R APRC 2011, a model that offers electronic top-level. On the new Aprilia we find ABS and traction control adjustable to eight levels, which can also automatically adjusts according to the different types of tires. In addition also includes a surge control, enslavement at the start and shifter. As the name implies then, the system also debuted APRC, which is a further package of electronic systems. The RSV4 R is offered in two colors: Black and White Glam Competition. The price for the RSV4 R APRC 2011 is € 18,000. With € 1,000 extra you can also buy the package RSV4 R On Track, which includes Akrapovic racing exhaust, aluminum levers, footpegs and handlebars and fairing plus racing.

The saving is significant as components of the package worth a total of 4 thousand euro.

Instead, the kit of Pure Carbon hulls and parts in carbon costs € 1500, however, against a total of 4,600 €.

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